Target Control

Get more time to be a technical writer. Let Target Control do the repetitive, cumbersome and recurring tasks for you.

You do not even have to open Flare to witness the staggering speed improvement and a range of target settings being handled and secured in, literally, seconds. 

Imagine the positive impact this has on your translation costs, your variations from target to target, the control you have over variants of markets and products, the reduction of human errors, and the extra time you get. And so much more.

Target Control stores your relevant data for target files in one place. For repurpose and re-use.

Target Control will free your time. It has never had a more accurate meaning than here. The functionality of Target Control is also simple - a few clicks and you are up and running.

When you have several Flare projects, it can be pretty cumbersome to open them all, one by one, and adjust target settings.

With Target Control, you do not have to do this anymore. In fact, Target Control is designed to work on Flare projects without opening them. 

Conditional text, variables, pdf settings, language settings, and more are controlled from one place and written into your target files.

Of course, you can also build all of your targets without opening Flare. And faster than Flare does.

We claim that you now get more time to be a technical writer.

Note the numbers and the time Target Control takes to compute these. Now try to imagine how long time it would take for you to do this manually.

475 USD/year

Price are subject to change.  Tax and VAT included.

All bug fixes, patches and new versions within the subscription period are included.


  • Reads and writes thousands and thousands of conditions, variables, PDF options and other target settings across all your Flare projects
  • Conditions, variables, PDF options, and other target settings are stored in one central place.
  • Store translated variables and let Target Control apply them for you.
  • Easy filtering to quickly find what you want to use
  • Apply values in target files in an instant across all your targets
  • Works across all your Flare projects
  • Build any target you want. No matter where it is.


The mere fact that we do not have to open every single target across all of our projects has saved us a huge amount of time.

Isabella Jespersen, Technical Writer
Struers ApS