T-Build (new working name)

One of MadCap Flare's extreme points is it able to use target files and build. Multiple different outputs and output types from the same content. You know the process. You also understand that if you have many projects and targets, there's a lot of opening, finding, building. And you are rebuilding in case that is needed.

We are sure that you have seen all sorts of Warnings when building. Failed builds due to computer resources. Annoying errors which you could have avoided, if only ... and yes, we have these covered and solved. And more ...

So TBRO has an exciting new development coming, which we would like to share with you - in brief. We have a working name for it: T-BuildContinuing with the same concept as Target Control, this new tool will also work on all of your Flare projects. Without you having to open Flare at all.

It's not quite there yet. But keep checking in. Suddenly ... 

It does what it says: Builds Flare targets. In a fantastic new way. Of course, it runs without you having to open Flare at all. A few teaser bullet points:

  • Check XML validity of all files before you build to avoid annoying re-builds (yeah, errors do occur)
  • A range of other types of checks (which we know you will like), because you can avoid annoying re-builds
  • A new way of building and placing outputs
  • Retrievable build configurations
  • Run builds until success - whatever that entails?
  • Free resources before build (you'll never see the message: "Build failed .." any more).
  • The TBRO way of working with Warning messages. We think it's quite remarkable. It's almost intelligent.
  • And a "few" more functions ...

The best part

T-Build will be available as a stand-alone module and also partly part of Target Control. 

Development progress (March 26)

Before you even build anything T-Build checks for a wide range of issues that normally would result in no-builds, bad builds, unwanted builds. Builds you have to wait for, and then correct. And then build again. Before we start putting an interface to T-Build we have tested stability, speed, and much more.

In a stress test, we introduced 14.000 errors of all sorts, variants, and types (bad XML, missing images, broken links,  "unwanted and annoying typographical typos", you might make as a technical writer (and forget). Just to mention a few.

T-Build uses a mere 10 second to find all these. 

In your daily work you probably only have a fraction of our test numbers. If you only have 200 errors it takes less than 0.1 seconds to find and report.  Does that sound appealing? Catch them before it all goes wrong.

We can't wait to show you!

Award copy for best name

We started with Build Control and now a new contestant has entered: T-Build. Still a rather clumsy suggestion. If you have something better, please do not hold back. We will even give away one free copy of whatever it will be called, to the person/company who suggests something a bit more sexy/meaningful/appropriate/targeted than our feeble try.

Target Control v. 1.0.3

We continue to develop

We have listened, discussed, and enhanced Target Control with ourselves and users. We want to thank those users who have contributed to this.

That doesn't mean that we stop there. We are working hard on an updated version containing better and more complex functions to control your target files. And there is already an updated version for you to check out - and maybe even use.


We have included a few more enhancements:

  • Multi-User control. 
  • Support for Variable defintions
  • A few bug fixes, also.

Extending introduction pricing

We decided to extend the introductory offer for another three months.

If you choose to purchase Target Control in that period, we will also throw in Build ControlBut only in connection with Target Control. If we are not quite done with Build Control, you will get it anyway.

Good deal


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