TBRO is presenting at MadWorld 2022?

The next MadWorld conference takes place on 12-15 June, 2022 in Austin, TX.

Thomas will be presenting the following sessions:

  • The Headache of Regulations

  • Exploring the Unknown Sides of MadCap Flare (Flare-it)

  • Migrating Large Projects into MadCap Flare

For further information about the conference, visit the MadWorld 2022 website

Target Control
475 USD

Whoa - what just happened?

We have drastically lowered the price for Target Control.

Very simple philosophy: More people should have more opportunities. 

The feedback from users already using Target Control is also an important factor in this. 

As one client stated: "The ROI is home, and in the bag, in less than two weeks."  (And that was the old price)

We would like you to experience that for yourself.

A few numbers: it takes Target Control 29 seconds to write 64.000 conditions and 215.000 variables into 452 targets. And Flare is not even opened


Can you do this in 1,48 secs?

1 Excel file converted to Flare

  • 5 pages created

  • 89 snippets
  • 5 variables
  • 2 tables style sheets
  • 1 target and one TOC
  • 4 DIV's and more
  • and not lift a finger

That's the time it takes Flare-it to do just  that


Join the Flare-it

demo on June 27 >>

Turn days into seconds

We are proud to introduce a new solution to completely transfer external data from e.g. Excel or any database, into MadCap Flare.

This is automated publishing at its best. Once you push the button, Flare-it will create all needed Flare elements. Targets, TOCs, topics, snippets, variables, conditions, styles etc. etc.

All you have to do is wait - even as it builds your targets. Flare-it will do everything for you. And you do not even have to open Flare. 


More ...

MadCap Flare

After 36+ years in the industry, the unrivalled MadCap Flare is what we recommend. And we have tried them all (almost).

You can take your documentation, being it in PDF or online, to an extreme new level.


Content strategy

The core to any documentation and how you handle it is to have a sound Content Strategy. The strategy is, above all else. It ensures you from not blindly investing in a new tool or dismissing the one you have, not choosing a new translation agency because you are in a hurry. It also defines all workflows, methods and roles. 


Technical communication

Technical communication gives you a vast field of possibilities. Technical Communication is an art form - period.

It encompasses many different areas such as writing simplified, being an image expert, controlling and handling translations, knowing your file formats, understanding the importance of automation, and more.



The partner setup is, in any sense, unique. The concept is simple: more than one is better.

With 4 top experts in technical communication, content strategy, MadCap Flare and translation at your hand, you cannot get it any better.

You will not be left alone.