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Target Control


It's a fantastic day.

Target Control has been released. The greatest productivity improvement for all MadCap Flare users is here. 

Without opening any Flare projects, you can now control hundreds of projects, targets  and thousands of conditions, variables, PDF options and more. Of course you can build all your targets as well.

All at the same time and in seconds!

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The story behind Target Control

It all started many years ago with sighs and questions. Why do I have to repeat the same processes over and over again? 

I have invented a lot of semi-automated tricks,  tried all sorts of macro tools, and even tried my luck with totally incorrect archaic "development" code. At least I got the job got done. Slightly quicker and with fewer errors. It wasn't pretty. I always knew there was a better way and that my skills were absolutely "the worst". Something had to be done. So in January 2020 ...

The solution was simple. Find a skilled developer, present my predicaments, frustrations, and ideas and take it from there.

The rest is history. William developed Target Control. Lars chipped in as a mentor and Isabella has written words in the help system. I provided the ideas and the Flare expertise. Target Control is a reality and it's fabulous.

I hope you will enjoy Target Control as much as I do.

Thomas, TBro, Copenhagen January 13, 2021

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Content strategy

... the foundation for your content

The core to any documentation, and how you handle it, is to have a sound Content Strategy. The strategy is above all else. It ensures you from not blindly investing in a new tool or dismissing the one you have, not choosing a new translation agency because you are in a hurry, never using copy-paste. It also defines all workflows, methods and roles. And much more.

You should not take this lightly. Having a strategy can provenly save you thousands, getting better turn over time, reducing time-to-market and above all a profound increase in quality.

If you do not have a content strategy, or should you be in doubt how to go about it, contact us. We have the expertise and 30+ years of experience. We want to share this with you.

MadCap Flare

After 30+ years in the industry the unrivaled Madcap Flare is what we recommend. And we have tried them all (almost).

Due to its structure and architecture Madcap Flare gives you virtually endless possibilities.

You can take your documentation, being it in PDF or online to an extreme new level.

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Technical communication

This is a vast field of possibilities. Performed correctly technical communication tends to be an art form.

It encompasses many different areas such as writing simplified, being an image expert, controlling and handling translations, knowing your file formats, understand the importance of automation, and much much more.

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The partner setup is in any sense unique. The concept is simple: more than one is better.

With 4 top experts in technical communication, content strategy, MadCap Flare and translation at your hand you cannot get it any better. 

You will not be left alone.

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