TBRO exists and then not

Hello everyone.

As a company TBRO has been terminated. 

With a few caveats.

  • I, Thomas (TBRO), am still around. My knowledge and expertise are not in any way diminished. I have just decided to use them elsewhere as head of the documentation department at GN Hearing. 

BUT Target Control is still around. It is too good to discontinue. 

Scott DeLoach from Clickstart has kindly stepped in and is now handling TargetControl.

Target Control (for MadCap Flare)

The best way to edit your target files -

Don't even open Flare?

Imagine you have 10 Flare projects (or imagine higher). Across those, you have maybe 452 targets. Now imagine how long it takes to open all projects and all targets and change maybe 20 different conditions and 10 variables. For each targets. High number. In hours (days maybe). Your pick.

Using Target Control it takes  29 seconds to write 64.000 conditions and 215.000 variables into 452 targets.

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