Target Control download

To download Target Control you must

  1. State your name and e-mail.
  2. Click Send
  3. Then click on ► DOWNLOAD TARGET CONTROL


By sending this message you agree that we will take part of the personal data you have chosen to share with us.

The version of Target Control you download is fully functional and valid for 10 days.

If you then wish to purchase and activate the full version of Target Control you must select Activate License from the Help menu in Target Control.

In the zip file you download you will find:

  • The setup file to install Target Control
  • A Welcome and get started guide
  • Flare sample projects so you can test Target Control.

If you test on your own Flare projects, we suggest doing so on copy of these. 

*If the download does not start right away, you may want to right click on the download link and select to open in another view or copy the download link.