Let's turn something into something else. Let's push data into MadCap Flare. Drop the manual work and do it right.
Making it better, faster, and more fun. Let's Flare-it

Imagine this

You have a lot of data placed outside of Flare. Of course you want it in Flare.

Using standard methods in Flare for import, mapping and adjustment are, however you look at it, takes time. After all, it does involve manual work. Sometimes quite a lot. And next time it still takes time.

We have developed a framework that not only standardizes such import. We actually push all data into Flare. Leaving you to just build output.

Flare-it features

  • Creation of topics, snippets, targets, TOCs, Page Layout files, and more
  • Editing/update of all types of Flare files (without opening Flare).
  • Builds after data has been pushed into Flare
  • Line breaks
  • Conditional text
  • Special features depending on the nature of your source data
  • Table styles, even multiple table styles in one topic
  • All elements in your CSS
  • Converts and place images
  • Data sources like Excel, SQL databases, and XML

Join the Flare-it

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We never imagined we could create our datasheets automatically from our Excel sheets. All we have to do is build the final result in Flare. And the output quality matches that of InDesign.

Christina Duch
Global Market Communications Director
Struers ApS

Simple to use

We want it to be very easy to use.

Your daily work consists of three simple steps:

  1. Select a Flare project
  2. Select data source(s)
  3. Click convert

All you have to do is wait for the result.