Developing tools

Why automate around Flare?

To save you time, of course, and reduce annoying errors that always occur when you have manual processes. It could also be to free time for other essential tasks. For example, being a technical writer. Ultimately save money.

You may have to come to a point in your Flare experience where you wished that some functions were not so "manual". In particular, those processes where you find yourself repeating - over and over again - the same tasks. And you may then, again, ask yourself if you could solve some of these processes more smartly.

TBRO would like to help you in such situations and strive to develop tools that will make your Flare experience even better.

Extended development

You might have a challenge for which we do not have a tool. But which we hopefully can solve.

Contact us if you want to discuss what can be done.

The indication for this is when you are repeating tasks manually. In general, if you want to swop manual for automation.

We do not develop plugins for MadCap Flare. We focus entirely on tools, which works across all your Flare projects.

Our roadmap

We are comitted to continue developing other tools for MadCap Flare. We have actually begun.

They all have one thing in common: they will save you a lot of time.