TBRO is happy that some of our users, even though they do not want their name in public, have still agreed to write about their experiences with TBRO tools and solutions. 

So these are "Verified Users" and thier words are here for you to read.


We used to create our technical datasheets in InDesign. It took hours. For each sheet.

With adFlare, we can now convert all our 100 Excel spreadsheet in just shy of 3 minutes. 

And they are all perfect and can stand a design comparison against InDesign.

We met our ROI in less than two weeks.

Christina Duch

Global Market Communications Director
Struers ApS

Target Control

We use Target Control throughout the day because managing variables and conditions is much simpler, quicker, and more visible with Target Control.

We use Flare to generate training certificates. The certificates show the course, product, trainee, and trainee’s company details. Flare’s variable and condition tools made this easy. It’s even easier with Target Control as all certificates can now be set up and built in one go. This reduces the time spent generating and publishing training certificates after each course.

Technical writer and Flare user

Target Control

The mere fact that we do not have to open every single target across all of our projects has saved us a huge amount of time.

Isabella Jespersen, Technical Writer
Struers ApS


"Has surpassed our expectations. What used to take 5 manual steps to complete, now is done in one automatic."

The amount of hours saved is unmentionable huge.

Production Manager

Automated publishing

Thomas and I have been working for a long time in the field of print publishing. If you need to know about anyhting in this field, Thomas is the man to ask. In fact, if he does not know, then there is no need to look any further....

Hylke Heidstra