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An image is not just an image. Should it be vector or bitmap? Should it be SVG, EPS, JPG or PNG? Do you want captions on top and maybe even translate the images. 

If you need clipart, logos, icons redrawn and finetuned for your documentation we can do that too.

If you want to incorporate video then there's also a lot to consider. We use, and are experts in, TechSmith Camtasia


Typically design is something for the marketng department and the professional graphical people.

You'll be surprised how much of that can be incorprated in technical documents.

It is certainly needed, but you have to come to terms with the fact that in marketing the ration between content and design is 10:90, while it is 90:10 in technical

Simplified content

Writing good content is far more important than you think. You need to write with consistency, you need to transform often difficult  accessible content into easy-to-read content.

In doing so there are two very important principles: writing simplfied and writing minimalstic. 

The first secure a consistency in your language, the other cuts down your content to a minimum. Doing both saves you a lot of resources

Technical writing

This term has become synonymous with content related to describing how to use and describing procedures for technical equipment.

It is so much more - and maybe slightly different.

We belive it is the individuals ability to transform often very difficult stuff to easy-to-read material. In a short and concise way. It does not ahve to about tchinca products. Anythnig goes.

Another term which we use a lot is adherence. this means that any element, anywhere in your content si somehow "glued" to another element. So if tis element is moved, you know exactly what happens to al other elements. You do not have to look. It is bulit-in your setup to control such things. 


Unfortunately a lot of companies regard technical writing as "not so important". So the persons who are employed to write are not qualified enough.

We have a fantastic series of courses, from basic to advanced, where we teach and talk about how you becomes a technical writer, and how you become an even better technical writer - if you have been writing for many years..

The courses were designed by Mette Nyberg and the late Per Frederiksen.

TBRO is proud to continue with this material. Some of the best on the market.


Intricately related to most technical communication is translating your material.

This area is so vast and big, that we have partnered with ProStrategy. Experts in the field.

Here it enough to say, that if your technical documents are not meticulately designed and written, your invoices from your translation agency can seem to be somewhat "bloated".

There is no need for this.

TBRO has partenered up with ProStrategy from Sweden in this area. Their expertise is second to none.

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