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You can choose any of the many areas we offer you. Or you could do them all. A total enterprise.

Madcap Flare

MadCap Flare is so far beyond "just" technical authoring. The nature of it allows you to go way beyond. It is one of the few products on the market with true scalability.

The output options are virtually endless, and the input is strictly single-sourced.

Flare gives you one of the most potent solutions for technical documentation.


When you start working with large amounts of text (i.e. thousands of document), you'll soon find that tedious manual repetitions should be substituted with a more automated approach.

The trigger is: can we save time and money and ensure better consistency and fewer errors.

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CSS Masterclass

CSS is the mandatory knowledge and part of our training.

If you want to get some in-depth knowledge of CSS, we hold a bi-annual CSS-masterclass.

Together with Matthew Ellison and Scott DeLoach.


Flare-it is the ultimate solution for automated publishing of your external data sources.

Flare-it transforms your data into any anything you can find in Flare. Being it targets, TOC's, snippets, topics, glossaries. In short everything Flare supports, Flare-it can create for you. 

Flare-it supports SQL, XML, and Excel datasources

With our Flare-it solution we can create content and publish outputs faster than you ever imagined.

In an ideal world you don't have to do manual work (too much).

Flare-it gives you the ideal world. Or close.

We have proven response times reduced from 3 hours to 3 seconds.


Learning a tool starts with training. It starts basic and can get advanced. That's entirely up to you.

As with any other tool, training is evident and mandatory.

We will train you to precisely the level you require.

And we do it on our material, with only tailor-made classes.

On-site or on-line.

The change

If you're stuck with MS Word or are using InDesign for technical documentation, you should seriously consider a change to MadCap Flare.

There is an endless string of reasons for this. 

Let us prove why – and we do so on your material. 


Translating Flare content is a textbook example of how you should do it. It is the sheer nature of Flare, which makes it so easy.

Easy also means that there are fewer errors, faster delivery, and first of foremost a drastic reduction in translation cost – if you compare to, e.g. MS Word or Adobe InDesign.

Let us help you set up your Flare projects and optimize them for translation.


You may think that a user manual is "just" a user manual or that the design is not so important.

You couldn't be more wrong.

With thirty years of graphic design background, we can offer to elevate your user guides, so they are smashing.

Flare contains all of the element to achieve this.