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The visualisation

Picture a jigsaw puzzle. Each of the pieces resembles an entity within everything you need to do in the world of technical documentation. A piece could be the tone of voice, or it could be your translation rules or it could be your images or it could be the different persons connected to the tasks at hand. As in any jigsaw puzzle only when the different pieces fit neatly together you may end up with a beautiful picture.

Now imagine the same jigsaw puzzle without the border. If you imagine such a collection of pieces you would evidently think that the jigsaw puzzle is not yet finished.

In the world of jigsaw puzzles it is normal to start with a frame assembling all pieces in order to give yourself a control over the size and us the entire content.

The frame, is the content strategy. Without a content strategy you have no control over the pieces in your puzzle. 

Let TBRO help you with your Content Strategy.


What are then, the pieces in the puzzle. What is it your content strategy may consist of. In no prticular order here's a list of possible candidates for what a strategy may consist of.

It is important that you accept and realize that any change in any piece may affect all other pieces. You cannot "just" define or create anything new, unless defined within the strategy. Doing so will make it impossible to ever accomplish finishing the jigsaw puzzle.

Years of experience have proven that if you blindly change any piece, it will come back negatively. Eventually. Sometimes small, some times alarmingly big.

A simple example: you change your address and are requested by regulations to change this everywhere. A nightmare in most cases. At least time consuming. Having foreseen this, thorugh a correct strategy, such a change should literally take seconds. If your strategy - and all its pieces - are well defined.

Some pieces  of a strategy

  • Acceptance and realization from top managment
  • Defining roles for all types of processes
  • Making sure people have a relation and mindset which secures the strategy and its elements
  • Choosing tools which meets short and long term criteria
  • Incorporate and working together with other departments
  • If you translate - make sure to also have a strategy on that
  • For the mere content single sourcing is a must
  • Accept that technical communication and documentation is not marketing and design driven
  • The language you write has to be concise, minimalistic and simplified
  • Make sure you use source control, to record versioning and history
  • The graphical design

Relevant documents

Content strategy: A more elaborate piece for you to read offline.


Contact us and let's meet.

There are so many ways to do this. It varies from company to company. From task to task.

Let's meet and work from there. Get to know one another, define the tasks and aim for the only correct starting point and solution to your technical documentation: a Content Strategy.


The benefits are very obvious - and emperically proven over many years:

  • Your processes are lean
  • Your quality increases
  • You save a lot of money.

It's that simple.

Total Enterprise

You can choose any of the many areas we offer you. Or you could do them all. A total enterprise.

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