Imagine this: 4 of the supreme experts in their fields in the same company. Hard to find? Yes! We claim it is impossible. Until now.

Four companies, four persons, four experts and only one solution.

The four of us have all enjoyed the benefits of the freedom of acquiring particular knowledge over the years. Something which takes "a lifetime". Each of us has some extremely unique skills. We have now decided to combine our skills and knowledge - for your benefit. 

Louise Stengard Kristiansen

ProStrategy Sweden AB

She started her career in 2000, working as a Localization Manager in Sweden. In 2006 she founded her own LSP “House of Stengard” which rapidly became a respected player on the Swedish market. The performance attracted the attention of TextMinded A/S, which resulted in an acquisition of the company.


In 2017 Louise founded ProStrategy Sweden AB. As a localization expert, she works for global companies with extensive documentation and translation management, which seeks to develop scalable and global localization strategies to increase translation quality and deliver cost savings and by driving content reuse. Also, improved content consistency will enhance the customer experience, which will lead to business growth and be better positioned as a company to reach a wider global audience.


With broad experience from both the vendor and company side, Louise defines an ideal future localization vision for companies by investigating their current state of localization processes, linguistic assets, tools and systems. Then she develops a business case covering possible resource and tool investments, integrations, and process improvements to meet the highest level of the Localization Maturity phase: “Transparent. “

Thomas Bro-Rasmussen

Owner of TBRO. 36+ years in this industry. Expert in too many fields to cover in this small area. Has finally realized that working with other experts gives companies an unprecedented opportunity to get the absolute best solution.

I'm the proud "owner" of one of the best ideas I've ever had. Partnering up with three of the most talented persons I know within their fields. We work together when needed or are otherwise still independent consultants. 

As a future client of ours, I'm convinced that you can find none better in the world of Content Strategy, Technical Communication and MadCap Flare.

A bonus: We are all proficient in a wide range of other products and skills: Adobe FrameMaker, InDesign, Illustrator, design, typography, CSS, XML, CAT tools, technical writers, designers, and the list goes on...

So when we say it works - it works!

Scott DeLoach


Scott DeLoach has 28 years experience as a technical writer, instructional designer, trainer, and UX architect, and he has provided consulting and training for over 100 organizations around the world. Scott is a frequent speaker at technical communication, L&D, and UX conferences, and he has received four Best of Show awards from STC for his work.


Scott is the author of MadCap Flare: The Definitive Guide, HTML5 to the Point, CSS to the Point, and Word 2013 to the Point. He holds a masters degree in Technical and Scientific Communication from Miami University (Ohio), and he is a proud STC Fellow.

Matthew Ellison

UA Europe

Based in the UK, Matthew Ellison has over 30 years of experience as a user assistance consultant and trainer within the software industry. He is a MadCap Flare Certified Instructor and an expert in many other user assistance tools and technologies.

He writes a regular column on MadCap Tips for the ISTC’s Communicator journal and is a frequent guest speaker at technical communication and UX conferences worldwide.

Matthew has a B.Sc. in Electronic Engineering and a Post-Graduate Certificate of Education from Bristol University in the UK and is a winner of the prestigious Horace Hockley award presented annually by the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators (ISTC).