Who's who

TBRO is the name!

Well not really. It is Thomas Bro-Rasmussen. As much as I wish, my surname is almost unpronounceable for non-Danes. So a while back a friend of mine from Australia gave up on me and gave me a nickname. It sort of stuck. That is now the name of my company.

Apart from that, the name has no bearing in what I do and what I can offer. That only gets better over the years. Experience and vintage.

I am self taught in the world of computers. It came just as I was writing my university thesis in the mid 80'ies. The best part was that I could see on the screen what I could expect on paper. The rest is history. I was hooked.

So almost all software in or around production and graphical display, have been through my fingers. 

I have on the side gained a graphical and typographical education. I have designed fonts and produced million of pages manuals. And everything in between. Actually quite a lot.